Monday, March 8, 2010


Today is a rather lazy day. Hanging out, doing chores, watching TV and relaxing. I think I may work some more on the cross stitch today. I got all of my homework done, but in the next few weeks have two papers to write and a home confinement project to do, as well as two quizzes and a midterm. The two quizzes are tomorrow, and those should be relatively harmless. My last one I got a 100% on. Next week is the midterm and one of my papers. I think I may do my home confinement project on Friday, but we'll see. One of these weekends we're going to pick up my cousin and his wife for the weekend, so David and I will have a lot of cleaning to do around here. The house is a mess, but it shouldn't take too long to get it tidied up and looking like new. :) Saturday David is working a double, and Renee, Mom, and I are going to go try and find Renee a prom dress. I also need to call UCF and set up an appointment with my advisor, because I've got two classes left to graduate and in December I was told that those two classes would definitely be offered in summer. Well, I've looked at the schedule and one of the classes is offered, and the other class isn't offered summer 2010, fall 2010, or spring 2011?! WTF? And that class is a required course, so how in the hell am I ever supposed to graduate if that class is never available, so I will be having a large bone to pick with them very soon, especially since I am supposed to apply for graduation in the next month. Agh. So frustrating.

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