Sunday, March 28, 2010

Long, Good Day:

We left for Tampa around 7:45am yesterday and stopped at Chick-fil-a for breakfast. Then headed to B.A.R.F. It was a little slow to start because we got there at the very beginning and none of the actual shows started till noon, but it was much fun and the shows were great! I was worried when we got there that Dougal and Naner weren't going to like it after all, but they laughed the majority of the time. And David got picked from the audience for one of the shows. I took lots of pictures, but those particular ones didn't come out great, because I was sitting next to him and it was just too close for my camera. But there are lots of pictures to come in a bit, and a few video clips as well! :) We had dinner at Chili's and got home around 9:30pm. I got a little bit sunburned, but it's alright.

Today I was going to head to City Walk for the Ellen taping, and the Usher/Rascal Flatts concert, but I don't think Naner can/wants to go, and I don't want to go by myself and David has to work. :(

The next few weeks are going to get tough and be very busy. The semester is coming to a close, and I've got a lot of work to do. Next Sunday I have my powerpoint and Confinement Project due. Hoping to maybe do those tonight though, and get them out of the way. In a few weeks I've got a paper on gun control as well. I have the abstract done, title page, and the references page done, but that's it so far on that one. And I have LOTS of reading to do. So instead of going to the show, even though I really want to, gonna stay home and work on school I think. It'll be nice when the semester is over and I get a break though, so I can catch up on some of the crafts that I haven't been able to work on.

Oh, and in good news. I've got one of my professors who said she'd love to write me a letter of recommendation! Yay! So now I just need to ask two other professors, and I already know who I'm going to ask, but I'm going to wait until the end of the semester for one of them, and then asked the other next semester after I have him again. Because even if I do get the funding for this, and do get accepted into the PhD program, I think I'd end up taking a year off before I do it anyway, because I think it's too late for me to get accepted into this Fall's program, and I'm not sure if I could start in Spring, or if I'd have to start in Fall.

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