Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh My...

So due to the rain last week, apparently the tarp that we were given and told was great, wasn't, and all of the water seeped through the tarp and flooded the house with 2-3 inches of sitting water. I cried my eyes out. In the end we were able to get the water out, and there isn't terrible damage as I'd initially thought as I saw water pouring through the ceiling. The ceiling will need a new coat of paint, but thankfully the ceiling was just painted plywood, and the walls were all cinder block so there is no drywall to be damaged and replaced. The kitchen cabinets that we were going to put in, have now been through TWO floods, and the bottoms of them (the most important part, because that's where everything goes) are pretty much useless. However, rather than having to start all over from scratch and either make all new ones or spend hundreds of dollars to buy new ones, it looks as though we might just be able to make some repairs to the current ones to make them usable again, like replacing the bottoms, but we'll see.

Friday I had a job interview and think it went rather well. So we'll see how it goes. In addition, I managed to find a dress that is suitable for Elizabeth's wedding. It's not exactly what I'd hoped for or had in mind, but after 6+ stores of finding nothing, it will have to do. It's navy blue, and comes a little past my knees, and is a halter or sorts. I'll need to take in the straps just a bit, but otherwise, it'll work.

Yesterday we were able to remove the other side of the roof and replace it with new roof. Today we went back and tarred the areas that needed it around the pipes that come through, and around the the ridge vent. So the roof is officially done. Yay!

 Now we need to clean up the mess in the yard, attempt to fix the kitchen cabinets, test two areas for electrical to see if they actually work, call a plumber to get him to fix the toilet, or find someone who can fix it otherwise, paint the living room ceiling, replace the wall area in the bedroom closet, buy a water heater, and buy a space heater. Agh. This is exhausting, and is feeling like a lot more work than we'd thought it'd be, and a lot more money too. Talk about stressful.

Tomorrow I have a second interview, so we'll see how it goes. I'm a little anxious, because I'm really hoping that one of these works out, but also stressing, because I'd hate to get a job right now, and find that they'd want me to work during the wedding. So I'm hoping that a) I get a job, and b) it won't actually start until the second week in March, which would be PERFECT! So who knows. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed.

This week, I need to start trying to get some things packed. We aren't moving right away, but the more that's packed, the better. Bit by bit. I also need to go to two Dr.'s to pay them, take a course with David, send in paperwork, and have Phase 3 and hopefully 4 of the second position.

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