Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. & Navy Update:

So today I went to the Dr. and he had some tests run. The first just a generic check up, and the next a blood test to make sure that I'm not having any thyroid problems. As long as the thyroid test comes back negative (which I should know in a day or two), then I'll start my hormone pills that will last about two weeks. If nothing starts within those two weeks, then there is a bigger issue, and I'll have to come back in to get more tests. Here's to hoping that it's just a hormone issue that will get fixed by the pills.

Also, David called the recruiter today, and we have an appointment tomorrow at 1pm, to get some more questions answered, and help us figure out if this is the decision that we want to make. It is looking like the best option at the moment would be to go in as enlisted rather than officer, but we should know better tomorrow. :) I'm hoping that this all works out, and that we are not only able to do this, but that it'll work well for our family.

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