Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Good and Bad News:

Bad news first...So this weekend, David, Douglas and I spent it trying to replace the roof on the house that we are going to be moving into soon. It went from one problem to the next, from thinking it was a simple fix before putting on the new material. Then getting all of the shingles off to find that every piece of plywood needed to be replaced, which of course means more money. Then we find out that what we thought was a full weekend of working was damaged by a day of pouring rain, so after replacing all of the plywood on the one half of the house, we cover it with a tarp my uncle let us borrow, and came back the next day to check up on it after the storm let up. Turns out the tarp was so dried that all the water leaked right through it, and there was 2-3 inches of sitting water in the house. The whole thing was flooded, and now it looks as though our kitchen cabinets (used ones) may be ruined.

Today David and I went back over ourselves, and after having tried to sweep out most of the water yesterday, found that it seemed to help a lot, and a lot of the water evaporated that was left. There were still some wet spots, and the side room was still very damp, but a significant deal better than yesterday. He and I together were able to finish the whole half of the roof today, so it is now completed, and now we just have to do the complete other side.

In good news, I got a call today about the job I had an interview for last week, and they want me to come in for a second interview on Monday at 2pm. Also, I have Phase 2 of a job interview tomorrow from 1-5pm, and then potentially Phase 3 and Phase 4 of that job on Thursday. Then today I also got a call for a position I'd applied for a while back as well, and wants me for an interview on Friday at 3:30pm. I couldn't be more excited. Finally something good is happening, after all of the bad that's seemed to stay over us. I just pray that one of these actually ends up working out. Here's to hoping!

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