Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mid-April Update:

So the weather so far this month has been being pretty decent. Hot, but at least sunny and warm enough that we can finally get outside and play in it! We were finally able to break out the water table that we bought Sophia for her birthday, back in January!

The good news is, she really seemed to like it a lot!

I also somehow managed to convince my whole family as well as my aunt and cousin to head up to New Smyrna for their annual Balloon & Sky Fest. It was a lot of fun, and much cheaper than the Warbird Airshow. Only $5! Unfortunately, because the winds were so strong, we never did get to see any of the hot air balloons, but the airshows were great!

They even had a petting zoo! And miniature pony rides!

We ended up leaving to go out for dinner and then walked the Daytona Mall for about an hour and let Sophia play in their playplace and then headed back for their night airshow! That was definitely something to see! I will for sure be going back again next year!

The next day, we headed to Oviedo for Sophia's cousin, Nathaniel's 1st birthday party!

We've also been spending a lot of time in the garden.

We had a garage sale, that completely flopped, but on the plus side, it was supposed to pour all day and didn't, so we were able to set up the cute new pool that I got Sophia to play in!

Complete with slide, waterfall, and ball game.

Also, Daddy started his second job and seems to really be liking it. :) This makes me happy and super glad that the transition has been as easy as it has. 

And in other big news, I got my IUD taken out today so that we can start trying for baby #2 in the next few upcoming months, but I wanted to get it out early so that I can take proper precautions in case we have trouble like last time and I end up needing meds. 

The rest of this month is a lot less busy. It will mostly just be working on fixing things around the house, which for those that didn't know, got a new facelift recently.

Nice new paint job! And David and I replaced the old post light that didn't work with a new one that does! Also, he and his dad resided one of our sheds and got our sprinklers working, which is wonderful! We don't quite have grass yet, but at least the weeds are green now. Haha. 

Since our neighbors (who I don't like) keep taking down more and more of the little bit of privacy we have, David has started making me two new raised garden beds that will also have the ability to hang plants as a temporary fix to block out our neighbors from looking into my kitchen and seeing me run around at night, as seen above. Now if only we could afford to do that all the way around the fence line. Ah. But at least it's looking nice, and will provide me with more planting space!! I've been really loving this gardening thing, and turns out, I'm actually pretty good at it! 

So that is all for now, but I will keep you posted!

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