Tuesday, April 30, 2013

15 Months!

OMG!! Seriously!? 15 months!? I don't know what's happening. Time is passing me by at lightening speed and my little girl is becoming more of a big girl each and every day! 

This month she learned to color both with crayons, as well as sidewalk chalk. We also got her a toddler pair of safety scissors for Easter that she got to try, but has a little trouble getting the paper  to go between the scissors because it barely opens wide enough. 

(Her first coloring for Daddy)

We also finally were able to break out her water table that we bought her for her birthday way back in January! Yay! She seemed to really like it! She loves playing in water!

We celebrated her cousin, Nathaniel's 1st birthday!

Took walks!

Played in her new big girl pool!

Picked flowers!

She also loves to blow kisses now, which is just about the cutest darn thing! In addition to giving real ones. 

We went on her second ever beach trip! She didn't really like the texture/feel of the sand on her feet, and the water was a bit too cold, but she really enjoyed digging in the sand and washing/playing with the seashells that we collected. :)

We also attended the 2nd Annual Tea Party with Grandmommy again this year! It was a lot of fun and she got to try a bunch of yummy new foods!

We have now officially started the switchover in to size 18 month clothing. She is too tall for her 12 month jeans even though her waist can still fit into them alright. And her feet are too big for 12 month footed sleepers. She's in size four sandles & play shoes, and size 5 tennis shoes! And she now weighs 20.4 lbs and is 31.5" tall!

She loves piggyback rides, being outside, playing in water, dancing, swinging and slides and climbing. 

Her favorite shows are Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Barney, Sid The Science Kid and Word World.

Her favorite things to eat are macaroni & cheese, blueberries, red grapes, goldfish, pop tart crisps,  honeydew, celery, and fruit purees in our reusable squeeze pouches. 

Words that she can now say are Mama, Dada, Papa, Boob, Bubble, Ham, Bye Bye, Doug, Chell (Michelle), Yes, Baby, Fruit, U Bob (Aunt Bobbie). She also growls for certain animals, and woofs when she sees or hears a dog, and quacks when she sees a duck. 

She knows where her ears, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, hair, fingers, toes, boobs, and belly are, and can point out different animals and items in books if asked where they are. 

She's been working on learning to use a fork, but still sometimes has a little bit of trouble, but did pretty well as Sonny's using a little wooden skewer. 

Her favorite song is "Under The Sea" from The Little Mermaid.

She has also been trying to put on her own clothes and put on her own shoes. Several times she's gotten all but the last part of her heel in, and a few times actually gotten them on the correct foot. 

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