Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're Getting There...

So thanks to help from Bruce, we were able to pick up a kitchen counter this weekend, and get the hole cut out for the sink. Today David got it fully installed, and got the sink installed too. We're still missing some PVC piping for it, but other than that, it's good to go. :) And I got my knobs and handles and the kitchen is really starting to come together. :) We also finally found a space heater today (thanks to Marj!) at Walgreens, and it works decently, and even comes with a remote. Haha. So now, I've got to clean out the cabinets, and paint the insides, we're got to still fix the closet wall, and finish painting the ceiling, then put back up the fan. We've got to make another little cabinet/shelfy thing for the kitchen, get it painted and installed, and order our custom window for the bathroom since it's apparently not a standard size. Other than that, and cleaning, we're pretty much good to go. :) And it's really starting to look not half bad, and more like a home. :) So I think once we get those last few things done, we'll start the packing, and getting some of the things moved over.

In other news...Saturday is a birthday party for the kiddos, and Sunday David and I are going up to Jacksonville to see my cousin, Greg, while he's in port, and get David out on the ship so he can check it out.

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