Thursday, February 3, 2011

Coming Along:

So we've been busy, but finally the little house is starting to come along. Now that the roof has been replaced, we've been working on all of the other little things that we need to take care of. There's been some good and bad along the way. We got the outside flood lights working, the living room lights working, the fan working, the kitchen light installed and working, the new a/c unit in, the peg board up, one of the cabinets painted, and half of the ceiling painted. We found out that we don't necessarily need a new water heater, so that's good, at least for the meantime. However, we did learn that the counters that we thought we could use, aren't actually useable after all, so we'll have to get one new 10ft piece of counter, but we WERE able to salvage the other cabinets, instead of having to start from scratch again. So now, we've got to repair the current cabinets and get them painted and installed. We need to buy the counter and install it, along with the sink, we need to replace the closet wall, make a door for the bathroom, get a new bathroom window, and fix the toilet. Oh, and buy a space heater, but other than that, I think that's pretty much everything. Which is good. The goal at the moment is to have the place ready to be lived in before we go to PA for Elizabeth's wedding. However, for ease of Naner watching the pups, I think we'll just move in the non-essentials before we leave (assuming it's ready by then) and then move over the main essentials once we are back. I'm happy though. While it may not be our dream home, or even really that cute, with the little changes that we've made inside, it's already starting to look a little more like a home.

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  1. saw several space heaters at walgreen's today 40 and 50 dollars right in the front at harrison. MomP