Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pennsylvania or Bust..

So the time has come for Elizabeth's wedding already. I can't believe how fast this year is going. It's March next week? Jeez. So we head out in just a few days. I'm super happy because I ordered my camera with a case and disk and all but the camera had shown up at Walmart. I was misinformed that the camera was there, but found out that it not only wasn't there yet, but may not be here until after we leave. :( The good news is, thankfully they had the same one I ordered in stock (one left, because of the races and the launch) so they let me have that one, and once mine gets in, they will just put it back on the shelf. :) So yay! I got my camera! And I looove it! Now I gotta worry with making sure I have spare batteries to bring up for the wedding. 

Also, Renee and I went shopping yesterday in Waterford to try and find her some shoes for prom, and while we struck out yesterday for her (don't worry, we found some today in Merritt Island), I found shoes that will go with my dress perfectly! I have never been so in love with a pair of shoes before. They are amazing and sparkly. 

They had them in a champagne/goldish color too, but my dress is dark blue with a sparkly silver strip under the chest area. I'm so happy! And they were cheap too! Even better! I can't wait to wear them. 

To prepare for the trip, I've been doing buttloads of laundry, and dishes galore. It's been kind of exhausting. I think I'm going to start actually packing tonight though, minus the few things that we are currently still using. I'm hoping that we can fit everything into two cases. I started to make a list of everything we need/want to bring, and I'm really hoping that I don't forget anything. 

Also, a big thank you to my in-laws! Marj got me a present! She knows I've been feeling really crafty recently, and got me this awesome yarn holder that hold's six rolls of yarn and has holes in the top so that it automatically unrolls it for me as I use it, but keeps everything from getting too tangled. As well as some other help for the trip. We/I are/am very grateful! Thanks so much!

Well, now I'm going to head back and finish laundry, and start the packing process, and get back to the cake balls that I am making. Yum! 

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