Friday, February 18, 2011

Busy Busy Busy...

So it feels like this month or even 2011 so far has just flown past me. In a week and a half we head up north to Pennsylvania for Jim and Elizabeth's wedding, and I'm so excited! I don't get to travel often, so outside of weddings being a happy occasion, it means I'll get to see places that I otherwise wouldn't. I am definitely thankful for that. 

Last weekend was three of the kiddos birthday, so David, Naner and I headed over to the house for presents and cake, and these are a few of the pics I got. Too cute!

And then on Sunday, we (David, Dougal, Naner and I) headed to Jacksonville to visit with my cousin Greg, who was in town in Mayport for a few days. We ended up getting to take a nifty tour of his aircraft carrier, and then headed to St. Augustine for a little bit before we had to bring him back. That was a ton of fun! 

Now everything has been getting back to normal. We've gotten the majority of the house finished and ready for us to move in. There are just a few small things that we still need to take care of. The biggest issue now will be packing up all of the crap that is coming with us. 

In other news, BCC and TPD didn't end up working out. So I guess we'll see. 

But for now, going to head off the bed and read for a bit on my Nook. Catch ya later!

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