Monday, November 8, 2010


Tonight I've got a test in German, that I am simply not looking forward to. I've been doing so good, and this test just has too much, and my brain just can't get it in check. I'm feeling like I'm definitely going to bomb this one. :( Then next week is our Oral Test, which I feel I will do a whole lot better on.

We've got a whole lot coming up soon. This coming Saturday is David's birthday! Then the 20th we're having a garage sale, the 24th is our 4 year wedding anniversary, the 25th is Thanksgiving, December 3rd and 4th we're celebrating Naner's 18th birthday, the 9th is Dougal's birthday, the 16th is mine, then Christmas is the 25th. Man time is flying.

I need to start cleaning the house, and labeling things for the garage sale, and I need to get over to Waterford one of these days so that I can apply (in person, because the stores haven't learned about the internet yet) for the seasonal positions over there. Anything is better than nothing. Also, David has a job interview coming up with the Honors college, so keep your fingers crossed, and send us your prayers! :)

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