Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today Is Going To Be A Good Day...

I have decided. Today we are going to go mow (I think), pick up some scarves that Marj helped me with (THANKS MARJ!) and get some scarves shipped out today. After over a week of being sick, and having a very sick family, David and I are perfectly good again, and my family is working on getting there. Today is my cousin Mary's 16th birthday, tomorrow is David and I's 4 year wedding anniversary, and Thursday is Thanksgiving. To top it all off, I've finished all but 1.5 scarves from my current orders, which means I can take a break for a day, and then started on a second round of orders! It's been exhausting, but it's given me something to do, and I so thankful for the high response! :) Yay! I did something right. Haha. Now I just really really really want to learn how to make a beanie so that I can make those and sell them to match! :) Well, going to go get started on the rest of my day! Have a great one!


  1. I started the third one and I probably have several patterns for hats to pick from. Crochet and knit. Momp

  2. Thanks! They turned out great! :) I'm working on the fringe now. And very cool! I definitely want to learn to make them, if for no other reason, for one for me and David. Thanks!