Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Great Week Ahead:

Lastnight I watched "Full Metal Jacket" with David and Douglas, and cleaned the kitchen, and got all the laundry done. Today was a really good day. I woke up, went to the beach with Naner, came home, bathed Cleo and vacuumed. Then watched "My Sister's Keeper" with Naner, went to the grocery store, came home to my parents', helped make dinner, then watched "How to Train a Dragon" with my family, then Walmart with Naner. Tomorrow we go to pick up food from Angel Food Ministries, and going to work on the yard. I've got a test to take tomorrow, a test to take Sunday, and a final to take on Sunday. Then Tuesday, we're going to meet up with my family in St. Augustine for the day. I'm pretty excited. :) Also been working a lot on my cross stitch.

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