Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Getting There..

So I officially have a dentist appointment set up for June 29th. Haven't had one in almost 5 years. It's about time.

David and I have been talking about trying to start having a baby, and are trying to get some research done on it. We're looking around for a good OB/GYN that takes my insurance. Unfortunately the people that my sister in law and mother had take our insurance, but the local hospital doesn't. Complete bullshit. Not that I wanted to have my baby done in that hell hole that they call a hospital anyway, so I guess it works out for the best. So I've got two options for hospitals at the moment that we are looking at...Cape Canaveral and Winnie Palmer. If Winnie Palmer takes our insurance, I'd jump on that in a heart beat. So I've gotta give them a call one of these days to find out, and I found a OB/GYN that works for them. I came off of the pills last night, and we plan to start officially trying in a month or two. :) So pray for us and keep your fingers crossed!

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