Sunday, February 7, 2021

October 2020:

We spent the month doing lots of fun games and activities for school.

The girls decided that they wanted to start earning some money for our trip to Island's of Adventure to visit Harry Potter Land. So they started making sleep masks, soaps, and candles and selling little gift bags for the holidays. 

I started a new project, to make a blanket ladder for all of our living room blankets.

We made big progress on our front garden trail.

We celebrated Rosalie's 6th Birthday! She decided on a Fairy/Ben and Holly themed birthday. 

She had a happy surprise when my family showed up to celebrate with her so that she didn't have another birthday without friends or family.

We visited the pumpkin patch.

And watched a virtual Hanson concert.

We visited a local park.

We took a hike.

Made Halloween costumes..

early voted...

and went to a socially distanced Halloween Party with some homeschooling friends.

I gave poling again, and was so relieved to see that not only could I still invert, but could still hold my weight. I chickened out about split grip bc of being over concrete, but one of these days, I'll give it a try again.

The girls were so excited to put together a safe social distanced trick or treating trail for a few of our homeschooling friends. We set up different stations full of goodies throughout the front and back yard so the kiddos could still dress up and get treats safely. We all had a lot of fun! I was so happy that despite the crap year that 2020 had turned out to be, that we were able to give at least some sort of normalcy to the kids. 

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