Saturday, February 13, 2021

November 2020:

November was a fun month. 

Birdo helped out with the yard work.

The girls finished up Potions class and we started on Owl Studies.

They worked on coding too.

Birdo went for his (late) 18m checkup.

I made Everest his costume for Ren Faire.

We took a hike in Athens.

Fall came out in full force in nature...

but we jumped straight to Christmas!

David decided to try making mead. 

I canned potatoes,

and chicken!

We went to very social distanced Ren Faire.

Birdo broke his arm. :(

We took the kiddos Christmas pictures.

We decorated the tree.

We celebrated Thanksgiving.

The girls started learning to sew their own teddy bears.

Our sweet deer came by for a visit,

and I chopped off all my hair.

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