Sunday, January 5, 2020

September Update:

Everest turned 6 months old, started saying momma and started sitting unassisted. He was 28" long and 18lbs 10.5oz.

I gave up for the football season after FSU handed game after game over to the opposing teams at halftime damn near every game. Thankfully halfway into the season, we fired the POS coach, so I guess we'll see if they show up to fight next season.

We worked on schoolwork.

Visited with family. :)

And Everest enjoyed several fun baths in the sink. 

We got our homesteading on, and played Minecraft.

We learned about the several major television shows that are filmed here and one town over. We actually ended up accidentally showing up to a bakery after class while they were filming the CW show Legacies, and had the two main characters walk in right behind us. 

They were both incredibly nice, but unfortunately I didn't ask for a photo or autograph because I didn't actually know who they were yet, and that would've been kind of awkward. In retrospect, after now having watched The Originals, and Legacies, and now working my way through Vampire Diaries, I wish I had. Haha. 

For school the girls and I headed to Suwanee to their park in the square to learn about 9/11, as they have a memorial there, along with a piece of one of the towers. Afterwards, we played in the splash pad for a little bit and read the "I Survived" book about 9/11.

We took a field trip to the Fernbank Science Center.

We bought Hanson tickets

and started decorating for fall.

We enjoyed a homeschool day at Gravity Park.

I took the girls for Teacher Appreciation Month at Legoland Discovery Center.

We attended a semi local car show/craft fair.

We stopped briefly at a little festival at Hurricane Shoals Park where the kiddos got to play with some cuties.

Finally, to finish up the month of September, we took a field trip to The Fernbank Museum for a special teacher event.

And we'll throw in a few randoms for good measure. :)

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