Sunday, January 12, 2020

October Update:

October started off with an outdoor class in the park. Sophia unfortunately couldn't join us, because she had a fever. Everest tried out the swing for the first time, and seemed rather pleased with it.

We took a poetry class in Covington where the kiddos brought in their favorite poems to read aloud to the class.

We played at the Mall of Georgia.

We attended a free concert in Buford, featuring Starship (whom I love) and Bret Michaels (whom we did not stick around for because it was cold and the kiddos were tired.)

Rosalie had a blast! She jammed out with me to "Sara" and "We Built This City."

We had several guests coming at once, so David quickly built a second guest bed, and it turned out pretty damn great I think. :)

The girls helped me test out recipes for the upcoming holidays. We made a delicious pumpkin pie!

As well as some blueberry lemon bread, using fresh blueberries that we picked from Grandmommy's yard.

We started off celebrating Rosalie's 5th birthday with a field trip to homeschool days at the Georgia Aquarium. 

Unfortunately for the second year in a row, poor Rosalie didn't get to have a birthday party because nobody was around.  She didn't even get her fancy cake, because the people at our Publix didn't do their job over the course of three days, and never bothered to look at the their orders to fill it. So to try not to screw her entirely, we took her out to Chuck E. Cheese for some fun game time, followed up with a yummy Mexican dinner at a place in downtown.

Everest popped his first two teeth in the same day.

We attended the Legacies season 2 premiere party. We took a tour of Mystic Falls, snapped some pictures with some of the Salvatore students, 

and got autographs from this lovely group of Goth vamp ladies. :) The one in the middle convinced Sophia to go sign up for castings because they want a little witch.

We took a field trip to Southern Belle Farm with several other homeschool families.

Aunt Bobbie & Uncle Jeff stopped by for an evening on their way home from vacation, to visit and we had a lovely time! We were happy to get to show them the new house.

That same night, Carrie came up for a few days to see the new house and to join us for some fall festivities.

We took her up to Amicalola Falls,

and apple picking at B. J. Reese in Ellijay.

We attended the Atlanta PRIDE parade. The weather was super suck, but everyone was really nice. Sophia even got her photo taken by someone in the parade. We never found the article though.

We made all the yumms with our new apples that we picked. We made pumpkin apple butter, cinnamon apple sauce, and a delicious apple pie.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Carrie as she headed home.

We got Sophia signed up with the Georgia Department of Labor so that she can apply for castings.

We attended a homeschool Halloween party.

We went trick or treating at a local nursing home,

and attended our local fall festival, where we won several costume contests. :)

Once the costume contests were over, we changed, and hopped in the car, heading to Lexington, KY.

The next morning, we headed to the Cincinnati Zoo.

From there, we headed to Cleveland, OH for the night.

The next morning we woke up, drove through Niagara Falls, and headed to our hotel in Toronto.

We visited the Ontario Science Center before meeting up with my cousin Charmaine, and talking a walk down the street to the "lake" Ontario.

The next day, we met up with our friends, Craig & Saira, and headed up to their beautiful "cottage" a few hours north of Toronto. It was everything I ever wanted in my dream house. Beautiful exposed beams, a giant kitchen, fireplaces, a stunning view. It was a dream.

(the view I woke up to every morning)

(they still make it and sell it in Canada!!)

(the coolest firepit ever made)

Unfortunately, we didn't have too long to spend, and soon made our trek back to the states. 

We stopped for dinner in Buffalo at a Mexican restaurant with plates twice the size of my head.

We stopped for the night in Pennsylvania, and headed the next day towards D.C. to visit David's sister and meet each other's newest additions. Along the way, we made a stop at the newest Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. We happened to accidentally show up for a special trick or treating event they had.

The kiddos got to meet each other.

It was still school days for the nephews, so while Elizabeth headed to work, and the kids went to school, we headed into the city for a day of exploring. We started at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural Science.

Afterwards, we headed towards the mall, where we saw the Capital, the Smithsonian Castle, The Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial.

Finally we made our round to the White House.

The next day, we headed back into the city, to visit Arlington. David's uncle was buried there and we had yet to have to opportunity to see it.

(the Memorial for the Pentagon)

We took the Metro back towards the mall. 

We decided against another Smithsonian, and instead headed to the Holocaust Museum.

The next morning, we headed back home to Georgia. Thankfully, we past through Charlotte, where there just so happened to be a Tijuana Flats, so Everest got to experience the deliciousness of one of my favorite restaurants.

We finished up the month with a final round of trick or treating. :) It was an incredibly busy and fun filled month!

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