Wednesday, January 15, 2020

November Update:

We started the month of November having some family time, watching a movie together. :)

We used up the last of the apples from apple picking, to make some yummy homemade apple muffins.

David made some yummy homemade bread.

We took a visit to Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house.

David made big progress on the kids' "farm."

We continued the joys (and stresses) of homeschooling.

I took all three kiddos to see the new Addams Family movie. The girls loved it, and Everest slept through the whole thing again. :)

Everest turned 8 months old.


We took a field trip to the William Harris Homestead, where I learned they do spinning and weaving classes (sign me up!) as well as will let us set up an official homeschool field trip. Pretty exciting!

Finished up one of the projects we'd been working on for the house.

We also started some renovation work.

We spent some time enjoying the beautiful weather.

We went to the Christmas Tree Farm to take a few holiday pics. :)

Mommy did some yard work, while Daddy played with the kids on the tractor.

We had a cookie baking day, where we baked a ridiculous amount of cookies for local police officers, fire fighters, sheriffs, and the ER.

We made a silly little elf video.

We got together with our friends and delivered all the cookies that we made!

We learned that we've got a few sweet foxes that we hope will end up making some super cute baby foxes.

We went to visit some live reindeer in Covington!

David and I celebrated 13 years of marriage.

We had David's parents over for Thanksgiving lunch. :)

The kiddos had their well check visits. Everyone is healthy and doing great.

The kiddos started late on their decorating for Christmas. We got too busy and didn't start nearly as early as we normally do, but they loved getting into the Christmas spirit with their own little trees.

Lastly, we visited the month off with a visit to the local farm to take a quick visit with Santa! 

And a few cute extras...

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