Saturday, August 31, 2019

June 2019:

This month started off with us trying to settle into the new house and make it a home. Goose has taken to the lifestyle of "country" living quite well.

The girls joined a few of their cousins for VBS for the week near Athens. While they did VBS, Everest and I did a little of local exploring. One of the places being the Georgia State Botanical Gardens. It's beautiful and we didn't even see it all!

As a thank you for tolerating all of the work we'd been doing on the house, and therefore the lack of attention the girls were receiving, we took them for a trip to the local Catch Air. They had a blast, and I think it's my favorite of the locations we've been to so far.

We also began homeschooling! Rosalie for intents and purposes is starting Kindergarten, and Goose is starting 2nd grade.

Everest turned 3 months old, and is now is 12m clothing. He is a drool monster, and loved to clap hands, and laugh at Sophia's silly faces. He also really likes the movie Smallfoot and so many snuggles! He is 24.5" inches long, and weighs 14.6 lbs.

We had game night with the kiddos.

We got to experience one of the beauties of our new home...a forest full of fireflies! Absolutely magical!

We got to visit with our Canadian friend, Craig, which also ended up planning a trip to visit in the fall.

Everest finally found his toes.

The girls enjoyed a splash day at Meredith's church.

The kids and I started doing "give back Fridays" where we clean up parks and community areas, and help make lunches for kids who rely on school lunches when summer is in session.

Goose attended a Vet Camp.

Everest had his first experience in the pool, and loved it. Pool season began in full swing.

Took another trip to Athens to the Botanical Gardens, Zombie Donuts, and Bear Hollow Zoo.

We came home from Athens to find out that a small tornado had come through our street, tore down our street's power lines, and so many trees. We lost three trees, including one that blocked us from being able to get into our driveway, after we already couldn't go down our street because of the downed lines. It was crazy!

Unfortunately, the month ended with us saying goodbye to Cleo. She was our little sweetheart, and we were horrified at the loss. The girls made a little memorial to both dogs, and we buried Punkin's ashes (per Sophia's request) with Cleo so that she wouldn't be lonely. R.I.P. Cleo.

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