Monday, January 14, 2013

Pocock Christmas 2012

On to Christmas, Round 2! :) Since we were out of the country for Christmas as well as other members of our Pocock family that had been traveling for the holidays, we waited to celebrate the Pocock Christmas until we came back! So the day after we returned from our trip we got up nice and early and headed to my inlaws' for round 2! :) 

This year marked the first Christmas not only for Sophia, but also for her cousins, Nathan and Delaina! :) Yay! They all looked so cute in their little Santa hats that Grandmommy got them. 

The kids opened their presents and we all ate. 

And Aunt Elizabeth made all of the kids these super cute super hero capes!! They all looked absolutely adorable!! 

Then all of the kids went out to the back yard to play for a while. It was a beautiful day out!

(all of the kids/spouses)

Unfortunately, that was the start of my getting sick, so we ended up leaving a little before everyone else, but it was wonderful to get together with everyone and let all of the kids play together! :) Christmas #2 was definitely successful! 

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