Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy New Years!

Okay, so I'm not one to really make a new year's resolution because those never seem to really work. However, I do like to try and set goals for the year! So this year's goals are:

  • Grow a vegetable garden
  • Trade out the car for a mini-van
  • Craft more
  • Learn a new language, and polish up my German
  • Get pregnant with our second child
  • Learn to cook food from Calabria
  • Post more on the blog
  • Sell more Thirty-One
  • Take more family pictures
  • Catch up on scrapbooking
  • Get a king sized bed
  • Sing more & record some
  • Research more genealogy
  • Finish planning the Eissmann family reunion
  • Rekindle relationships
  • Keep a jar of the good things that happen this year to look back on at the end of the year

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