Friday, October 7, 2011

Garage Sales and Houses..

So today was a pretty productive day. :) I got up early and met up with my mother in law, Marj, to go check out a garage sale that I'd seen advertised online that said they had a bunch of baby stuff. They had a ton of clothes. We ended up getting Sophia a bag full or outfits that are super cute, as well as a carrier (the kind you put over your shoulders). She also found several things for two of my nieces. :) So that was pretty neat. I'm planning to try and hit up one other tomorrow morning in their neighborhood that says it has a ton of baby items as well. So fingers are crossed that it will be just as productive. 

In other news, we're keeping our fingers crossed in hoping that we get some good news come next week. We've been in the process of trying to get a house to move into for when the baby comes for the past few months, and it's been exhausting during the waiting period. But good, bad, or ugly, we will know for sure next week. I'm so anxious about it all. But we are hoping for the best regardless. Tomorrow David and I are gonna go look at another, so that'll be exciting. 

Also, next week is our 24 week checkup, so that too will be exciting. :) Not having another ultrasound done for a while, but we'll get to hear her little heartbeat again and will have another class. I think this one is on the first stages of labor. Can't remember off hand. I definitely look forward to going to these though and meeting with the other mommy-to-be's that are all due at the same time. :)

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