Sunday, July 20, 2008

So the rental company never did give me another car. So all of last week, David brought me to and from work, except 2 times. Friday Douglas, Renee, Ken and I went to River Lanes to play pool and did three hours of extreme bowling which was pretty fun. My car was supposed to be available for pickup on Friday and supposed was, but when David went to pick it up, my stereo system wouldn't turn on, and my airbag lights came on. Apparently the front and right airbags were having problems, which is interesting since it was the LEFT side of my car that was being worked on. So needless to say, my car is once again back in the shop until at least Wednesday. :(

Yesterday we got to sleep in a bit, and got up and headed to Rosemarie to weedwack since we'd mowed a few days ago in the rain. From there we headed to his parents' how to mow and weedwack, stopped at the bank, picked up Arby's, and headed to Meredith's with cut down some bushes/trees. It was a long and VERY tiring day, but I got to play with the babies for a while, which I absolutely loved. :)

Today we're mowing here and then heading to my parents' to put in a wireless card to Renee's computer.

Oh and in other news. Guess who's trying out for American Idol? Yep, it's me! :) August 13th in Jacksonville. I'm definitely excited, although a little concerned as well. I'm just hoping to get a wristband at registration. That's the scariest part, I think, is wondering if you'll even be able to get in to audition.

Oh, and just two weeks left until school is out. I can't wait!

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