Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Are you serious!?

Okay, so as if today wasn't a long enough day as it is...We finally (a full week later) for the other insurance company to take claim to the wreck last week. So I left like an hour and a half early to bring my car to the shop. I ended up getting into it really bad when we got to Enterprise to find that to replace my civic for a week they wanted to give me a "metro". Um, no. So after 20 minutes of me yelling at the guy, we ended up eating $4 a day to do two level upgrade to a freaking Chevy Cobalt that has manual everything except transmission. It's ridiculous and not even close to the civic. So when I finally get home, David, Renee and I decide to go to Melbourne Square Mall. So we get in the car, and are less than 2 miles from the exit, when a idiot 18 year old in a wannabe riced out car comes flying up at 100mph and almost takes off our rear. David in order to avoid being killed moved to the right lane, at which point apparently the crack head kid decided he wanted to swerve around us, ended up rear-ending us anyway, and yet somehow, David gets the ticket for 'Failing to move for traffic' and the kid gets off free. I've never been so pissed in my life. So now we have a ruined rental. So they finally left (we'll be seeing them in court) and Enterprise sent AAA to pick up the car, and Meredith came out the pick us up (Thank you so much Meredith). Seriously, now I'm just giving up. What did I do to deserve this? Really?

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