Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Years Resolutions:

Happy New Years! 

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one am greatly looking forward to a new year! New changes! New growth! New memories & experiences! I can't wait to see what this year has to offer!

This past year so many great things happened!

*Sophia turned four!
*Rosalie turned two!
*We went camping!
*We went to the local Ren Faire!
*Carrie moved in!
*David and I performed our first pole showcase!
*Randy moved here!
*My parents came to visit!
*David went to California!
*We celebrated Easter!
*We visited Hamilton Pool!
*We visited Longhorn Caverns!
*We visited the Caverns of Sonora!
*Rosalie got her own big girl bed!
*We took a riverboat ride at Riverwalk!
*We went on the Tower of the Americas!
*We went to the Waco Zoo!
*We went to the Austin Zoo!
*We went on an African safari at Natural Bridge!
*We went swimming in several local swimming holes!
*We went to a Round Rock Express game!
*I went to the Gwen Stefani concert!
*We went out on the canoe!
*We lost Punkin...:(
*We took lots of hikes!
*We visited Waco!
*Sophia and I took a pole workshop together!
*We celebrated 4th of July!
*Goose took a painting class!
*I participated in a breastfeeding photoshoot!
*David went to Brno!
*We visited Fredericksburg!
*We climbed Enchanted Rock!
*We visitied the Alamo!
*We visited McKinny Falls!
*We experienced our first bluebonnets!
*David's parents came to visit!
*My sister and Dustin came to visit!
*We had lots of picnics!
*We went to Aquatica!
*We went to Seaworld!
*We traveled to Florida!
*We attended Austin PRIDE!
*We celebrated 10 years married!
*We took a Disney cruise to the Western Caribbean!
*We learned that my sister is expecting her first child!
*Sophia learned to swim!
*I started the process of creating my Baby Carrier company!
*We traveled to San Antonio!
*We visited Big Bend National Park!
*I leveled to Pole 4!
*I made my own kid's clothing company!
*I met all my weight goals!
*We had T's baby shower!

This coming year, my goals are:

*Get my handspring in pole fitness
*Get my superman in pole fitness
*Become compliant for my baby carriers
*Start selling carriers
*Keep up with the blog
*Keep up with my annual photobooks
*Go camping
*Trip to Atlanta
*Get Goose enrolled in school
*Take pole instructor training
*Get a part time pole instructor position
*Find a new house
*Solidify my left split
*Achieve a backbend
*Learn Italian
*Take my Ancestry DNA test

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