Sunday, November 1, 2015

One Year Update!! & Family Update:

It's very late! :( So sorry! But it finally happened! My tiny baby princess turned ONE!!! I thought the first year went by fast with Sophia but goodness, this year was a blur. This month so much has happened! We took a trip home to Florida, Rosalie went on her first beach trip, she learned to WALK, popped more teeth, and learned both to say the word "tickle" as well as doing so while in fact tickling. She is 17.5 lbs. 29.5 inches!! She has personality for weeks!! She loves to eat basically anything we put in front of her (except pb &j) and absolutely adores her big sister and wants to play with her all the time! She also gives the best cuddles and shakes her head to answer questions! Oh! She also loves to help, whether it's laundry, putting her clothes on and off, putting her clothes in the hamper...

I've been busy making lots of items for my shop

and leveled up to level 2 in pole!

We found a new library that we love in Round Rock that conveniently across the street has a super cute, free splashpad!

Here's another cute little outfit I made.

Goose has spent many a weekend making jello jigglers with me for football days!

Since we decided to go as Hocus Pocus for halloween, our outfits wouldn't be complete without matching Spellbound undies!

(daddy & mommy's pairs)

(Sophia & Rosalie's)

One weekend, we drove out to Fredericksburg and decided to make the hike up Enchanted Rock, which is a beautiful, ginormous pink rock that is super super steep. 

David and Sophia got to fly her kite for a few minutes on top of the rock before it broke (it sat too long in the heat of the car.)

Seriously, these girls love eachother so stinking much! They are besties! I hope it stays that way forever!

Another outfit I made for Goose.

Just like her sister, Rosalie has become a bit of a terrorist.

I chopped off my hair, and I loved it!

We went to a princess party that was put on by our local mall! The girls got to dress as their favorite princesses, Chick Fil A supplied sweet tea, the bakery suppled cupcakes, and there were several shops/vendors that set up craft tables. At the end, they all got a little toy to take home. 

Yet another outfit I made. :)

We had a mommy/daughters date at Panera.

I learned to climb!!

We perfected scones for Renee's bridal shower. My favorites are the orange scones, but the pumpkin spice were pretty tasty too!

We stopped at Buckees on our trip home! My word that place is HUGE!

And a visitor center in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

We stopped at several parks along to way for lunch and to let the pups out.

Sophia seriously did this whole thing with no help (aside from lining up my fingers to figure out the code). I am sooo proud of her!

Goose was very happy to see her "T"!

Grandmommy got Sophia a beautiful facemask. She wasn't really sure about it..

Rosalie on the other hand thought it was amazing!

We had a small get together at David's parents' house to visit with family and celebrate Rosalie's first birthday! She got her first piece of cake, and even tried using a spoon!! I mean, seriously, how cute is that!?

Rosalie's first beach trip was cut slightly short due to weather, but she adored the beach! She loved playing in the sand, and did NOT want to come out of the water. She took off racing down into the water and didn't care one bit as it splashed her!

After the beach, we went to the mall in hopes of finding me shorts and had a yummy gelato treat!

And found Sophia some beautiful shoes for Renee's wedding.

We got to spend a lot of time with Grandmommy and Granddaddy which was really nice. The girls really enjoyed it. 

Rosalie started walking! 


Grandma traded in Sophia's viper for a raptor like Uncle? Aaron has, with enough room for them to both drive. Rosalie loved it!

The girls got to have a birthday/playdate with our amazing friends too! 

They missed eachother so much! Sophia didn't even have her warm up period, she just immediately ran in and started playing with the girls!

The big girl on her birthday morning!!

The day she was born..

It's been an amazing first year with our baby girl and I look forward to all the amazing adventures that we have together that lie ahead!

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