Monday, September 14, 2015

51 Facts That You May Not Know About Me:

First, let me start off with a quick shoutout to my childhood friend, Ashley, who runs her own blog, GRITS & Binkies, whom I stole this idea from. :) 

  1. I am tired. Like all the time.
  2. I am a mother to two gorgeous, insanely intelligent little girls.
  3. I have more than seven years of college schooling behind me, which resulted in a Master in Criminal Justice, with a minor in Psychology and a certificate in Criminal Profiling. 
  4. My career goals went something like this...International Popstar, Fashion Designer (a result of the upcoming Grammy nominations in my future), Psychologist, Criminal Justice Lawyer, Criminal Profiler, WAHM Baby Store Owner.
  5. I am a stay at home mom and have been since the birth of my first daughter (but unemployed prior to that due to absolute SHIT economy.)
  6. Did I mention that I am tired...all the time?
  7. My husband taught me to sew.
  8. I taught him to ride motorcycles.
  9. I recently created a WAHM baby store called CushTheTush where I make and sell cloth diapers, toddler undies, adult undies, maxaloones, and other children's clothing items. 
  10. In the next year, I plan to complete compliancy and open a second store, one making and selling baby carriers and accessories. 
  11. I used to be a democrat (based on old standards.)
  12. Now I believe that the party system should be abolished.
  13. I am anti-abortion, pro-guns, anti-illegal alien and pro-equality. This includes gay, bi, trans, black, white, asian, etc. 
  14. My favorite time of the year is fall and winter.
  15. Rain makes me depressed, like literally. I cry and feel awful. 
  16. I am one of the most Disney obsessed people that I know. I am happy to be able to now share that obsession with my daughters. 
  17. I was born and raised in the small town of Titusville, Fl. Never heard of it? Yeah, most people haven't. Think SHUTTLE (at least until new generations forget entirely what that even is.) Thanks OBAMA *eye roll*
  18. For years, we struggled to try and make it in Florida because that is where we were from, it's where our family and friends were. That didn't work, and truthfully we'd wanted to leave long ago.
  19. This year I felt big changes were coming, and boy did they. We packed up and moved half across the country to Texas. 
  20. I am genuinely happy here. There are very few places I would ever consider living in the future. Florida is not one of them. I hate Florida.
  21. I love the outdoors. I love waterfalls and hiking!
  22. I love to read, but never have enough time. I used to HATE reading because growing up, I had horrible reading comprehension. That changed when I started college at 15. 
  23. I love to craft! Be it scrapbooking, crocheting (thanks to my MIL), sewing (my newest obsession.)
  24. I have a fabric addiction. Like, baaaaad. I am obsessed with Disney inspired knits and I can't have enough of them. Help!
  25. I am considered a "crunchy" mom. I cloth diaper, I breastfeed until at least TWO (oh, the horror!), I practice BLW, and I love to babywear!
  26. I was adamant about homeschooling my children, even though I have strong fears that they will be so much smarter than me that I won't be very good at teaching. However, since moving to Texas where the schools are astronomically better, I may consider public school. The jury is currently out.
  27. I'm addicted to reality TV. It's a sickness. But only certain kinds like Real World, Kendra On Top, Keeping up With the Kardashians, I am Cait, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model, True Tori (the whole line of shows), etc., others I judge. 
  28. I'm also addicted to crime TV like Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Scandal, Madame Secretary, State of Affairs, How to Get Away With Murder, Scorpion, etc.
  29. I LOVE pole fitness! It makes me feel so much better about myself, and makes me proud of myself physically.
  30. I primarily eat the Paleo Diet, though am not as strict about it as I used to be.
  31. I love everything pumpkin: candles, lattes, cookies, cheesecakes, donuts, etc.
  32. Panera's Pumpkin Spice Latte's and Starbuck's Oprah Cinnamon Chai Lattes have changed my life.
  33. H.E.B.'s cronuts are AMAZING!
  34. I am a rape baby.
  35. I too have been raped.
  36. Because of this, it both drove my want to work in Sex Crimes/Criminal Justice, but also left me with a slight hole, that kills me that I won't ever know my whole heritage, my whole story. 
  37. I really enjoy finding my family tree, it is however, excruciatingly tedious.
  38. I have a sexy, beautiful, amazing husband whom I am terrible at always showing my love and appreciation for. It is a huge flaw in myself that I struggle with.
  39. I have a very long history of depression. I used to be suicidal and anorexic. I have long gotten past that point with the help of medications, counseling, and a good support system. I do still have the occasional really bad day or two, but am significantly better overall.
  40. Family means the world to me. Family does not however automatically equate blood. Some of my blood is dead to me. 
  41. I love movies. Some of my favorites are Legend of Billie Jean, Legend, Willow, Sleeping Beauty, Twilight Saga (judge me all you want), Coyote Ugly, Crossroads, Clueless, Hocus Pocus, The Holiday, Nightmare Before Christmas, and Love Actually.
  42. I have a slight thing for vampires...Trueblood was yummy (books & show) and I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood Series.
  43. I have a love/hate relationship with ABCFamily. They reel me in, make me fall in love, and then pull all of my favorite shows out from under me.
  44. I love to travel, despite that most of the travel in my life has been in recent years. I used to spend my summer's in Georgia with my now Dead to Me "family", and they were amazing. I also love Tennessee and Virginia, New York (Obsessed!) and Canada! I would live any of those places in a heartbeat. I look very forward to traveling in our future. Goals for the moment: Canada (again), Colorado, California, and Italy (the homeland!)
  45. I drive a mini van. I was the girl who always said that no way in hell would I ever be the "soccer mom" in a mini van. I LOVE my Odyssey. I will not go back for as long as I have children. I am now screaming at my younger more ignorant self for waiting so long and not being able to get over the physical appearance in place of comfort and functionality. Mini van moms unite!
  46. I modeled. I've been on countless websites, magazines, books, etc., including Playboy. Some may judge, but I am very proud of myself in that time of my life and the things that I accomplished. Any haters can suck it. LoL. 
  47. I have an allergy to the cold. Yep, it's legit. I break out in hives and my joints swell.
  48. I have always wanted a northeastern Christmas. Downtowny area, beautiful fluffy snow, sweaters, boots, hot cocoa, fires by the fireplace. 
  49. Christmas starts in September in my life. We start watching Christmas movies, and start the prepwork for gifts and decorations. Christmas music starts playing in my head.
  50. I LOVE food. Like, really love food! I am a serious foodie, especially those that I shouldn't eat. Haha.
  51. I love football! My heart will always bleed maroon and gold! The Noles will always own my heart! We dress up every gameday, and make junkfood and FSU jello jigglers! 

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