Thursday, March 19, 2015


I'm so excited! So I've found a new obsession/hobby. I LOVE making baby carriers. I bumped into this pattern called Sew Toot in a DIY Babywearing group on Facebook, and I am just in love. The woman, Devan, is brilliant, super nice, and even has a help group on Facebook if you have any hiccups with it. It's very easy to follow, comes in many size options including a mini for your kid's to use with babydolls, and has pictures of the process. I'm hooked! At first, I made an "infant" one for Rosalie, with a removable hood. They have been compared to the Ergo and Tula, but closer to the Tula design.

(She fell asleep in it)

Once some of my friends caught sight, they asked if I could make them one since they don't have sewing machines, so I offered to make one for two friends if they purchased the materials. Last night I completed the first friend's. 



(in use)

It can also be used in a back carry which I haven't done with Rosalie yet but did with Sophia. Next on my list, I will be making a Star Wars themed one for a friend, a special Disney surprise themed one for Sophia, and a mini Princess one for Sophia to use with her dolls. So excited and so proud! I wish so badly that I could sell them, but can't afford the cost of becoming compliant. :( Oh well, for now it'll be my own personal love, and hey! They will make some great baby shower gifts. :)

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