Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Month Two:

Sophia is already 9 weeks old! Craziness! They weren't kidding when they said that time flies by. Today we took her for her two month wellness Dr.'s appointment. She is currently measuring 23 inches and 10 lbs. 15.8 oz. Sadly, today she also received her first round of shots since leaving the hospital, but she took it like a champ. Due to receiving 3 shots and an oral, she's slept most of the day, which was actually kind of nice because it allowed me to do things like two loads of laundry, unloading the dish washer, making & eating dinner, and taking a short nap. All of which was much needed and much overdue. 

This past month she has accomplished quite a bit! She finally got her own little giggle that she loves to use with Daddy when Mommy leaves the room. She can now hold her head up completely, and only wobbles it on rare occasions. She also has recently (in addition to the climbing she does on me when I hold her) started walking up me if I lay down and hold her above me. It's incredible how strong her little legs are. She still doesn't like tummy time, but we'll continue to try and work on that. She is so social and just so sweet. She loves to smile and coo and is trying to hard to talk. You can tell by the look on her face how frustrated she is that she can't formulate words yet. 

This month she also got to meet her new cousin, Nathaniel! 

and this past Sunday got to go her first visit to meet the Easter bunny!

And this Sunday she will get to celebrate her first Easter with both families! I am so excited! Can't wait to see what this month will bring!

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