Monday, April 30, 2012

3 Months!

Unbelievable! Sophia is three months old! Everyday she impresses me more and more! She is so beautiful and so smart! 

(Piggybacking on Daddy)

Things She's Learned To Do:

Sit Up (With Assistance Only To Keep Her Side To Side Balance)
Hold Her Head Straight All The Time
Lift Her Head 90* During Tummy Time
Grasp Small Items With Her Hands
Grab Her Toes
Stand/Walking With Support

To put it simply...She's amazing! I couldn't be more proud of a mom! Speaking of which...I get to celebrate my first Mother's Day this year! So excited! She is by far my best accomplishment! For once I feel like I'm doing something right. Maybe being a mom was my calling. Who knows? 

(Showing off her new earrings to Papa)

Oh! And I almost forgot! She got her 2 Month shots out of the way and got her ears pierced! She did an amazing job and took both like a champ! And celebrated her first Easter!

(Playing video games with Mommy)

(Enjoying playtime with Uncle Pete on Easter)

(Hanging out with Daddy)

Each day she gains more and more personality. She is such a happy child. She loves to snuggle and loves to check out new things. She's quite the observer! And oh so drooly!

(Drooling on Daddy's lap)

(Snuggling with her burp rag and sucking her fingers)

And at 3 months, she comes in at 24.5 inches and 12.2 lbs.

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