Wednesday, December 29, 2010


So I've had Skype on my computer for a while, because with David always working so late, he and I used to Skype occasionally when he would work a double and do overnights, but that was a rare occasion, and I'd kind of just forgotten it on the back burner. However, with all this talk of David potentially trying to go into the Navy, it's bringing me a little closer to my military wife friends, that are in other places of the country right now, and making me want to bring it on out of the woodworks. I'm very grateful to have friends that are willing to discuss their lives with me and help me on my way should this become a reality for us. Unfortunately, because they are so far away, meeting up with them isn't really an option, so I figure Skype might be a nice addition to our generic letters back and forth or facebook.

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