Friday, July 2, 2010

Long Weekend Ahead:

Had a great time in St. Augustine with the family on Tuesday! Here's a pic on the beach..

We even saw a seaturtle on the beach! It was beautiful! I didn't want to leave. Maybe we'll go back one of these days and stay the night on the beach. :)

Wednesday we mowed at Meredith's after David got home from work, and I got to play with the kiddos a bit.

Yesterday was a crappy day and it poured. Several times. Then David started working on a free mower he found, and sliced his finger on both sides.

Today has been alright. I read a bit, and am hanging with family. We're going to watch "The Bounty Hunter" here in a bit.

Tomorrow, we've got to take some stuff to the recycling place, and cooking. Then in the evening we've got a party at our neighbor's to go to.

Sunday is a cookout at my parents', Monday a friend of ours is coming to town, and Tuesday is somewhat up in the air. The boys want to go shoot, we may go to the bowling alley, and do another cookout, and then Wednesday I'm helping out with the kiddos at Meredith's. Good times.

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