Friday, November 27, 2009

Thaksgiving Part 2:

Today was a great day. I'm a little tired, but it was very much worth it. I woke up at 8am to make a breakfast casserole for my family. David stayed asleep because we didn't get to bed until 4am. I headed to my parents' and had breakfast and tea with my family. Then I came back home to start on mom's sweet potato casserole and the mashed potatoes for the Pocock family. After all of that, I took a quick shower, got dressed, and David and I headed to his parents' for our first Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice. It was the first time in 4 years I think that we had time to stay and talk. We were there for about two hours. It was nice because Bruce Robert came into town, and we got to spend time with David's aunt and uncle, and Mike's mom and dad, Robert, and Marj and Bruce. The food was good, but the company was better. :) At about 2:30pm we headed back home to pick up the pie, casserole and ham. Then off to my grandma's we went. We had a ton of family, and a family friend that we haven't seen in over a year. It was my parents and siblings, three sets of aunts and uncles, three more uncles, grandma, the family friend, and a cousin. After all of the food and company over there, David, Douglas and I came back home. I started on the painting of the kitchen again and actually got pretty far. It's really coming along nicely. I'll post pictures of the before/during/after process later.

Also, I've got two pix of the beautiful lilies my babe got me for our anniversary. :) They're beautiful and sitting in the middle of our dining room table.

I also started doing some more jewelry tonight while the boys were playing video games. There are pix of those here too.

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