Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So I've decided...

that I need to write in this blog more since there is some family that I don't get to talk to often, and that probably wonder from time to time how we're doing. :) All is well in the young Pocock household. I've working a lot, as is David, but despite the crazy schedules we've got, we've been able to actually spend a decent amount of time together and have been making well with it. We've been helping out at my parents' a lot recently since they've moved into my grandma's house. We've also been helping to renovate the house that Douglas is moving into.

I've been doing my school stuff for my grad classes, and one of them I absolutely love. It's my sex crimes class and on the past 5 assignments (that's all the one we've had) I've gotten 100/100. Yay! My other class I'm still doing decent in, but it's super boring. Cybercrime sounded like such a cool class, but it's complete crap. In two months time I'll have two big papers due, so I'm hoping to get it all straightened out soon as to what I want to write about.

I applied to the Sheriff's office today because they are hiring for a Records Techinician aka File Clerk which I've done before and love doing. It pays more than what I currently make, it's in Titusville, in an office, and has great benefits. I dressed up nice and dropped off my application and they had me do the typing test while I was there. I got 70 wpm on the first and 60 wpm on the second, but was only required to be able to do 25 wpm. Definitely keeping my fingers crossed that they will call me in for an interview. I want it soooo bad. So everyone out there of religion, please pray for me that I get this! It's huge for me right now!

I just want to apologize for not being around with everyone in a while. We've pretty much got one day off together a week and it's usually spent with my siblings in order to just have some fun time, but I'm hoping to make rounds again soon.

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