Sunday, January 25, 2009

President Obama:

I can't say that I'd taken a huge interest in this election. Not to say that I am not happy that there is this "change" I'm just waiting to see if the real changes come. I will say that I am estatic to have Bush out of office and start fresh and new. I've been watching my DVR'd week of Oprah and she's been discussing the election for the past week on her shows. It's kind of sad really to me though because on the show everyone is so excited, so happy, so moved, so inspired. I don't feel it. I feel bad that I don't, that I feel somewhat indifferent. I don't feel that connection that everyone else feels. It's weird. I will say though that after watching the different segments, and being part of my online class, it does make me want to be more involved in things at least on a local level. Unfortunately, given my current work schedule, I can't attend city council meetings, but I am looking for a way to get more politically involved locally and to voice my opinions and help set change. Any ideas?

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