Saturday, September 13, 2008

Well, it's been 6.5 weeks, and my degree still isn't here yet. This is somewhat concerning, since David's came last week, so I may need to starting calling the school soon. In other news though...

You are now looking at Rissman's newest secretary! Hells yeah! Today I got my cubicle with my desk and my computer and my phone, with my very own extension. :) Super happy! Had a meeting with my attorney today and he was MUCH more friendly than last time. Everyone is being very supportive and offering help if I ever need it. And it went from 7.5 hours a week that I'll be doing it, to 20 hours a week, which means more money. Yay! Super excited! In 90 days I'll have a review to get a better raise.

And Happy Birthday to my mom yesterday, and to my baby nephew, Micah on the 10th!

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