Sunday, June 29, 2008

Woke up feeling far worse this morning at like 6:30am, which is WAY too early to be waking up on a Sunday morning. My mouth was super sore, and I had a splitting headache. I got up, closed over the bathroom door from letting light into the room, went to the bathroom, ate some apple sauce, popped 4 pills and went back to bed, but my mouth was almost throbbing, or maybe it was my head, so I got back up at 7:30am to go get some ice to rest on my cheeks. I finally fell back asleep, then the alarm went off at 10am and again at 10:30am. David got up for a bit and I slept for another hour. Now we're at my parents' and David is making lunch before having to go to work. I'm still not feeling the greatest, but I just took 3 more pills, so hopefully they'll kick in shortly.

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