Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wet 'N Wild

Tuesday, this being the Brevard County spring break, Erin and I got to use the passes the McDaniels picked up last year for weekdays at Wet 'N Wild and go with Nick, Renee, and Katie. The weather rolled through somewhat ominously, but ultimately stayed decent (despite mistaking the water-gun blast at one ride for thunder more than once). Great times were had, including new patented moves like the "sneak up and pance-&-flip-tube" as well as favourite quotes such as Nick's gem to a group he thought was Erin/Renee/Katie whilst floating down the lazy river of: "If you swam under me right now... it feels like you may see some crack." Lastly, none will forget the look of tourist faces when they were told the rafts were empty because everyone fell out and went sliding down without it... necks askew. Ah, these things will haunt forever.

...somewhere deep in the back seat of the F-150 sat the waterproof camera from last summer's outings to Wet 'N Wild, but alas, there it stayed.

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