Sunday, April 27, 2008

Homes, homes, and more homes:

We looked at 4 more houses today, and took my family to check out the two we liked best that we viewed this weekend. The first one was on an obscenely huge lot, with a large pretty house, but it needed WAY too much work, and had structural issues. The second is a lot closer to my parents, really nice neighborhood, still really nice yard, and very little to fix. We need to replace two rooms or flooring, the sink in the master bath, and hopefully the tubs in both bathrooms, get a dryer and a few light fixtures, and it's pretty much done. We put in an offer on it earlier today, and hope to hear back by Tuesday. :) My family likes it, and we like it. We want to knock out a wall separating the "dining room" and hallway, but it's not mandatory. We're figuring around $2500 to $3000 to do everything we want with it. We need to buy a dining set too.

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