Monday, May 11, 2020

March 2020 Update:

We started making some awesome progress on the pantry/hall bathroom reno. David got the new light fixtures up,

I got the walls prepped to paint,

David worked on fixing some rot on the barn door,

I started cutting the wood for the shelves,

and we got the whole pantry painted!

He also added in a new outlet for our small appliances.

David started installing the floor,

and the door frame.

David started installing the beautiful beam that we found in the attic, 

and staining the shelving.

We started painting the first coat in the hall bathroom side.

Sophia started attending an acting club for homeschoolers while Rosalie did some school on the computer.

We got outside to take a few of Everest's First Birthday photos!

I got hired for my second filming for a new show that'll be coming out on Amazon, more info to come on that later as I'm able to share. :) While I was gone, David and Carrie played with the kiddos.

The next day, we had a very small birthday party for Everest. We ordered some pizza, I made two cakes and he opened gifts! Aunt Carrie and Grandmommy and Granddaddy were in attendance.

More spring started popping up. :)

We got a few Easter photos (despite two very uncooperative children)

and some cute birthday smash cake photos. :)

Everest took time to enjoy some of the toys he got from his birthday party. :)

We spent more time outside, enjoying the good weather while we had it.

All of the kiddos have loved taking turns riding in the jeep.

We had a lot of fun spending our school day on St. Patrick's Day. We did a lot of themed worksheets, some art work, and even went hunting for a four leaf clover! Goose found one within 15 minutes! Rosalie found one the next day after about 5 mins. 

With being quarantined from this stupid Covid - 19 virus, we decided to have popcicles outside in our pjs after lunch! Everest even tried his first freezy. He wasn't entirely sure what to think at first.

We set up the sprinkler since we hadn't opened the pool yet, to let the kiddos cool down.

We made some yummy chocolate banana bread with some of our frozen bananas.

Birdo popped approximately a million (4) teeth at once.

I got a wild hair up my ass and decided with the weather getting nicer, I wanted a place for the kiddos to play, so I set my mind on building a new treehouse/playground from our deconstructed old one. 

With being home all the time, we decided to take up some new hobbies on the homestead. Rosalie has become quite the big helper! We started making our own homemade butter and buttermilk!

With the buttermilk we made, we made some buttermilk biscuits from scratch, and used our homemade butter on them! They were tasty!

Daddy used the extra heavy whipping cream we had to make some homemade ice cream.

Next up on our homesteading list, we decided to try our hand at bar soaps, because Daddy uses them in the shower, and we use them to wash our hands in the kitchen! We started with peppermint first!

Next up we made some lemongrass for the kitchen.

In addition to all the home-ec things we took on this month, we also decided to use our talents with all this virus nonsense going on. I happen to have a crap ton of fabric from when I used to make kid's clothes, so we decided to give a hand at making some masks for our pediatrician's office. This is the pattern they wanted us to use (although I prefer the one you'll see later). The girls helped mark the patterns, cut the fabric and pin them all together. Rosalie also cut the elastics for me.

More spring started happening.  My pears started popping up everywhere!

My banana trees started growing back.

We set up the slip and slide for the kiddos to play in, and daddy bowled with the children. Haha.

Everest let out his inner Elsa and I loved every second of it!

Daddy and the girls decided to camp in the back property!

The girls helped tend the garden, and came across a toad.

Rosalie also found an egg that had been tossed from a nest.

So sorry about that. Apparently we had a much busier month than I remember. Haha, but all good things, so I'm good with it. :) I love spending time with my family, turning our house into OUR home, and watching our children grow up in a life I always hoped they'd have. 

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