Monday, July 31, 2017

International Pole Convention

Thankfully, our vacation to visit family this summer, put us super close to Atlanta where the International Pole Convention would be taking place this year! David's family was super awesome and kept the girls during the day for two days so that we could attend the convention!

We woke up super early and headed to downtown, only to learn there are actually two different downtowns, several miles from each other, each with the street Peachtree and the same name of the hotel in which it was located. Aye. Luckily we didn't have any classes the first thing, so we got there just in time for lunch. 

The food there was amazing! It was healthy and delicious and lots of new things to try! Yay food! We saw a ton of talented performers, with the best honestly being the children. They were absolutely incredible. So strong and flexible!! I "MAY" have cried (along with others) while watching a 6 year old perform to Moana. 

The first day, David and I took a handspring and iron x workshop with Nicole the Pole. She was super nice, and while I didn't quite get it during the class, I did learn valuable information and improved a good bit! 

And did I mention I got to meet my pole crush, Suwasit! I'm hoping to be able to set up a private lesson with him when he's here next month, since there's way too much drama at the studio he'll be holding his workshops at.

The second day I started the morning with a flexibility class with Ashley Fox! She taught me some great ways to open up my hip flexors, shoulders and back! I've never felt so loose! David and I also took a salsa and merengue workshop with Lordes. We had a ton of fun! David took one final workshop with Ken Kao and learned a lot, which he ended up using in his routine the following week! 

It was a really great experience, and we are hoping to be able to attend the next convention next year in ORLANDO! Here's a video of our experience!

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