Thursday, December 29, 2016

August/September Family Update:

I seriously have no idea how i got so far behind with the blog! I'd been doing so good! Guess I'll have to add that to my New Year's Resolutions coming up! That said, I am suuuuper behind and have a lot of updating to do! So much as happened that I can't wait to share with you all!!

Sophia has been getting better and better with every drawing/craft she does! I am super proud of how creative she is! She LOVES art! Just another thing that I love about her!

I worked like a BEAST for pole and nailed my no handed ayesha! This is by far my proudest pole moment! Woo hoo!!

In addition to the incredible strength I've gained, my flexibility has increased tremendously too!

Goose started swim lessons, and has been doing a fantastic job!

We attended the Pride Festival & Parade! The girls got their faces painted too!

Goose has been helping out in the kitchen, and especially loves to bake!

We spent a lot of time having picnics while Daddy was at work!

Carrie moved in with us!

Football season started!

We took a day trip to Waco to visit the Dr. Pepper Museum and The Magnolia Silos! I had a yummy lemon lavender cupcake!

We hit the toy stores to make our Christmas/Birthday Wishlists!

We swam in our neighborhood pool.

We decided to take advantage of our Aquatica passes before it closed for the season and spent a beautiful day in the park!

The girls discovered Snapchat!

We played outside, watched movies, and had picnics in the park, went to the botanical gardens and swam in a local swimming hole!

David flew to Brno, Czech Republic. 

While he was gone, we got ice cream, did crafts, and went to an indoor playground! 

A few shorts days later, Daddy came home!

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