Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Visits Home:

Boy are our trips home going to be packed! October we have a baby shower, a bridal shower, my parents' anniversary and Rosalie's first birthday! Then in December we have my sister's wedding, a new baby (my new nephew!) early Christmas with both families and will hopefully be taking the girls to Magic Kingdom for the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party! I'm asking for Disney gift cards for all of the holidays for all of us since we won't be able to bring home a bunch of stuff on the plane, and believe me the girls have enough toys for sure! My ultimate goal and current plan that I am looking into is staying at one of the resorts or campground for two nights during the week, and going to the Christmas party. I'd LOVE to be able to do a full day there too, but that may be harder if I don't have any local friends that get discounts. But way I see it is, if we were able to stay at a resort the day before the party, than we could just enjoy the resort and downtown Disney, and then go to the party the next night and come back to the resort to sleep since it ends so late, and that'd be AMAZING! So I'm currently pricing everything out to see if that will be a legitimate possibility. Fingers are crossed that it can all come together. What I would REALLY LOVE, is if somehow we were able to get my family to come out for the party as well! They haven't gotten to experience any of the parks with Goose yet, and Rosalie has never been, so like I said, fingers are crossed, and hopefully it'll all work out! If it does, I am DEFINITELY making another carrier, or at least a new cover that is Disney themed.

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