Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Football Season!!!

Woo hoo! I've been waiting all year for collegiate football to start! I used to like pro too, but in recent years, I've just found it to be more boring and became less and less enthusiastic about it. Collegiate on the other hand, my love has only grown. Last year, I even got lucky!! I've been a lifelong FSU fan, and sadly, they had a rather long stretch of not being known for being so great, but I didn't give up love, and last year totally paid off! We became the National Champions!!!!! Woo Hoo!! I could not be more proud! Since Sophia was born, we've all dressed up to watch the games, and look forward to it each week! 

This year, with baby Rosalie on the way, I've been looking around to see what cute items they have to offer now for both babies and toddlers, and look at these awesome finds!! Seriously dying over all of the cuteness!

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