Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just 6 More Days!

We are just 6 short days away from Christmas! I am both ridiculously excited, and a little anxious/stressed as well. I've got all of Sophia's presents together and all have been wrapped and are currently in hiding. We still have a few presents that Sophia and I are working on that need to be finished and wrapped, but that shouldn't take long to do. The wrapping will take the longest part of that. 

After Christmas I've got a few crochet projects that I plan to work on, and I'm pretty excited about those too. Just hoping I can get them done relatively quickly, since they are going to be gifts for some friends. 

In other news, I have officially entered by final year of my 20s. Quite frankly, I'm a lot afraid of next year. It's so scary to me to think that I will be 30 because I remember when I was younger and thought that was so old. 

Also..I gained a sister in law!? So remember when I posted last week that my brother proposed? Well....they decided to elope. So now we have a new family member to the McDaniel clan.


  1. I know the feeling! I am so not ready for Christmas it isn't even funny. I'm done with my shopping for the girls, but nothing is wrapped. Brandon and I are going to try to knock that out together in the evenings this weekend. But I'm super excited as well. I know they are going to love Christmas, and I am going to love watching them enjoy it. Though now that I think of it, depending on when my little one decides to arrive, we may need to reschedule our Christmas. ;)

    Congratulations to your brother! It's wonderful to see families grow.

    1. Yeah, it's just coming way to fast! I mean I'm excited, but it's a big source of stress for me. I at least got up some more Christmas decorations tonight, and got my house much cleaner so that is helping, and Sunday I'm having a Christmas Cookie Party. I can't wait to see Sophia's face though! She loves everything Christmas so far and has no idea all the cool things she's going to get!