Saturday, November 30, 2013

22 Months!

My sweet baby has turned into such a big girl! We got to experience so much this month! While they were not all "first" experiences, they were the first ones in which she was able to truly participate! 

We celebrated Halloween! We dressed up and went to one of our local neighborhoods and trick or treated for an hour or so. :) Sophia got a ton of candy! Afterwards, we headed to the Cone to visit with Doug and Chell.

We celebrated Daddy's 29th birthday!

We went to Disney's Magic Kingdom!!

We celebrated Mommy & Daddy's 7 year anniversary!

We went to the park!

We celebrated Thanksgiving!

And she was submitted for consideration for a clothing line.

We bought our Christmas tree

and put up the Christmas lights. She talks a ton now! Her favorite foods are french fries, chicken nuggets, cheese and rolls. She is very independent, and very strong. She still LOVES to dance and sing. She really enjoys playing with her dollies, playing in her playhouse, and loves watching Disney Jr., but especially Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Her favorite songs are Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Rock-a-bye Your Bear. She can count to three, but knows other numbers (just not in order). She knows all of the main colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white & black). She knows several of her shapes (circle, heart, star). Her favorite movie is Monsters University. She can put on her own shoes. We're fairly certain she's teething again (most likely two year molars). She brushes her own teeth, brushes her own hair, and can take off and put on her own clothes. She's very opinionated. She loves Disney, and loves Christmas, and still really likes to be mommy's little helper. 

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