Monday, August 5, 2013

My heart is breaking..

All I can say, is that no matter how much it hurts me and frustrates me that it's so hard for me to get pregnant. No matter how long it took us to finally get Sophia. No matter how much it may hurt me and sadden me if we never get pregnant with baby #2, I am lucky. I am lucky to be the mother of the most amazing child I have ever met. She's beautiful and smart and so full of life. Something so simple. I cannot imagine at all what it would be like to lose her. It breaks my heart to even try to imagine. For every mommy out there who has lost their heart breaks for you. For every mommy out there who was lucky enough to watch their child thankful and love that child for everyday like it's their last. 


  1. Wow....powerful sentiment. What prompted this? Hugs, lady.

    1. a family member whom i've never met had a little boy that was stillborn just days before their scheduled c-section. i recently came across her blog, and admit that i have bawled along with her. i would never wish that one even my most hated enemy. shit. i know how hard/jealous i got when i was having trouble getting pregnant the first time, and how much it killed me to see everyone else pregnant and with the babies. i just. it troubles me, but grounds me as well to read her blog. it's so tough to read but necessary so to not take things for granted. if you can any interest.