Thursday, February 28, 2013


So as I mentioned, on the 20th I began my hand at trying to grow some veggies and herbs. I'm proud to say that I have finally seen some progress!

(my first basil plant sprouted on the 25th!)

(my first basil plant as of the 27th!)

(my second basil plant as of the 27th!)

Unfortunately none of my three chive plants have sprouted yet, but I'm going to give it a little more time, but super glad that the basil is coming along so easily, especially with as often as I use it! :) Yay! So I will probably try to start a few more of those next week so that I have several that I can add to my garden outside. :)

I also started a second batch of strawberry apple jelly since my first batch was such a hit, and did a little extra this time! On my first batch I was able to fill (5) 8 oz. jars, this time I was able to fill 7, so now I can give some to the others that missed out the first time! :)

On a different note, I've been having a hard time recently, and have been a little concerned as to whether or not I'm getting a little bit of late onset PPD, but am currently trying to keep it under control without the help of meds. In an attempt to help me out a little and get us out of the house, David took us out to Orlando yesterday! We went and walked around the Florida Mall to try and find me a shirt or two (with no luck). I did however, take Sophia in to the Disney Store and she LOVED it! I was sooo happy! Then we stopped and picked up lunch at Panera, and I decided since it was still early and I've been dying to take her, that we'd make our way out to Downtown Disney to the Disney Marketplace! Boy am I glad we did! We stopped into all of the little shops and Sophia was so excited by all of the toys and outfits and princess statues! She even got to dig for bones at the new (not terribly new) T-Rex restaurant! 

The weather was absolutely beautiful! There was a wonderful breeze! After we'd checked out all that the Marketplace had to offer, we walked over to Pleasure Island and picked up some raspberry sorbet to share and let Sophia run around this little area of fake grass while she watched the hot air balloon. It was a perfect night! I loved every minute of it and it brought my spirits back up a lot!

In more exciting news, my mom's family is having a family reunion in June (which we will definitely not be attending) but we are however going to try and get all of the cousins together with their kids while they're down here and do a day at the Magic Kingdom! I'm so excited! I've been wanting to take Sophia so bad! I have so many fond memories from my early early childhood of Disney, since my mom and other family had worked there! I want so badly for her to experience all of the magic as well! And after seeing her reaction to Downtown Disney, I can tell that she is at the perfect age for her first time and is more than interested! Yay!

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